Dinosaur is a travelling musician, busker and loop artist from the Netherlands. His music can be described as a mixture of Grunge, Reggae and Triphop.

Over the years Dinosaur, played in several bands developing his instrumental and vocal skills and becoming a bass playing frontman of a few successful projects.
Finding that his taste of music was changing he went searching for new ways of making music. This resulted in years of skipping nights conducting musical experiments, recording demos, developing new skills and finding a new style of music. Inspired by other loop artists dani finally found a way to compose and perform his music. at the start of 2015 He finally made his solo debut in his home town eindhoven. Later that year his first record was released called: Fruit For The Lions.

At the end of 2015 he left for australia with his girlfriend.Together they travelled the country in their van and Dani's been busking and doing shows in several cities and towns.
Their journey started in Fremantle where they lived for four months. Then they travelled North all along the West Coast to Broome and eventually Darwin. After that they went inland to Brisbane where they stayed for a few weeks. Then they travelled across the East Coast, visited Byron Bay, Nimbin and Sydney and then went North to Cairns.
To extend their visas with a second year Dani and Babette need to travel South to Paringa to do their farm days.
Eventually, after a year they settled down in Melbourne for a while so Dani could focus a bit more on his music and work on his second EP album.